Sunday, February 28, 2016

Using QR Codes to Email in the Classroom

Ahhhh the relaxing month of February is upon us... said no teacher ever! I mean you have black history, dental health, Groundhog Day, 100th Day, Chinese New Year, my birthday (hahaha ha you all celebrate it right?!), Valentine's Day, President's Day, Leap Year... you get the point. At this point in the year I'm trying to keep the kiddos on their toes and manage to get to everything I intend to cover. Easier said than done, right? That's why it's great to multitask and kill two birds with one stone. 

At my school we have been working hard on building writing skills the last month or so and dying to tie in our iPads with it. This is where this idea popped up. A teacher across the hall came up with the idea and I ran with it.  The month of love notes is upon us, right?!?!

QR codes that link to your email! We downloaded a free QR reader app on our iPads and I used to create my QR codes. It was super easy. You choose email address on the first step for 'data type' and then enter your email or the email you would like the code to lead to. For today I projected the QR code on my board, but you could aways print them for their tables or folders.  

Bada-bing bada-boom, it immediately opens an email as soon as they scan it. 

My kinders then took out their morning writing page and typed it up (corrections and all) and sent it to my email.

They loved getting to send me special mail and this teacher loved that they were building keyboarding skills!

They couldn't have been more proud of their work and loved asking me if their email made it to my Apple Watch for me to read! 

Just one simple activity brought a days worth of teachable moments:
-Writing rubrics also apply to typing.
-How to capitalize and punctuate on a keyboard.
-Finger spaces are just like tapping a finger on the space.
-Why does a squiggly red line come up under my word?
-Hitting the spacebar twice adds a period and a capital for me.

This activity would also be great for: 
-students to email their parents for incentive of good behavior
-students to email spelling lists or sight words home
-student pen pals 
-students to email about upcoming events
The possibilities are ENDLESS!

What would you use it for?

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Write the Room

Brrrrrrrrrr It's cold out there!!! Anyone else feeling me on this? I mean 7 degrees is NOT what this lady wanted to roll out of her nice cozy bed for this morning. ESPECIALLY not after a long weekend, but I did and I was excited for what today had in store. Little did my kiddos know, but I had something new up my sleeve. 

My team and I have been brainstorming ways to build our students' skills in writing. After discussing, brainstorming, and researching, a lightbulb went off in my head. I love the idea of write the room activities, but I've never made or used one that I totally loved. It was always a lot of prep for a short activity that I didn't feel reached all of my students to strengthen their abilities. 

Here's where the lightbulb moment comes in.

I've been working lately on rubrics, rewards, incentive charts, and quote/notes that print on post it notes...... so why not write the room on sticky notes??? Obviously this got the ball rolling and then I created something that would last all week for EACH of my kids. 
On day 1: Students will find the printed sticky notes around the room and record their new vocabulary. Sticky notes make this activity super easy to prep! 
If you have limited space or would prefer your children to stay seated for the activity you could always use the pop-up writing center on day one. Also note, picture cards can be printed on cardstock if post its aren't your style.
Day 2-5: Teacher collects all the post its and posts them in the pop-up writing center. Here the students will use the words for more involved activities. This unit includes 4 prompts and there are multiple levels for each prompt sheet.  Unit also includes a free write sheet, alphabetizing, and mixup vocabulary. 
With starter sentence...
Students have new vocabulary right at their fingertips. Pictures match those on their sheet to help them brainstorm ideas that they could include in their writing. 
Also available in the INCLUDED pop-up writing center....
writing checklist
grade level appropriate sight words
letter sounds chart
blends chart and digraphs chart

Come check it out {here} and/or 
leave a comment to tell me how you'd like to implement it in your classroom.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turkey Trot Blog Hop: Gobble On!

Hi, friends!  Thank you to Ashley for sending you my way!  

Gobble, Gobble!  

Some of my favorite bloggers and I have teamed up to offer you freebies to show how thankful we are for you!  Today, I am offering my Maggie the Moose {Animal Craftivity and Writing Prompts!} (a $4 value) and 10 fonts (a $5 value) to you.  These are samples from my A-Z Animal Craftivities and Writing Prompts & Font Packs!

My Maggie the Moose {Animal Creativity and Writing Prompts!} activity is paired with 25 other animals, a zoo keeper application, and a guess the animal activity in my A-Z Animal Craftivities and Writing Prompts! 

Unit Includes:
Animal Template for Craftivity (can be used to trace or copy on colored paper)
If I were a _______ I would...
If I owned a _______ I would...
Non-fiction animal fact sheet for research

Other Animals Found in My Store:
AlligatorBat, Cat, DogElephantFrogGiraffe, HippoIguana, Jaguar, Kangaroo, Lion, Moose, Newt, Octopus, Pig, Quail, Rabbit, Snake, Turtle, Unicorn, Vulture, Walrus, Xerus, Yak, and Zebra 

The ten fonts that I am offering for free are from the third pack in my collection of over 100 fonts available!

   Thank you for stopping by!  Trot on back to beginning of the hop to Megan’s blog, Mrs. Wheeler's First, by clicking their blog button below.    

Mrs Wheelers First Grade

Happy Turkey Day! 

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School Bash with The Primary Pack

Y'all I'm so excited...
1.) To finally announce that I am joining 
The Primary Pack
these teachers are amazing and I can't wait to collaborate!

2.) to be a part of this awesome blog hop!
Make sure to start at The Primary Pack! Collect a letter on each blog post which turns into a secret message in the hop to add to the rafflecopter at the end for a chance to win a silhouette cameo!!

This hop is full of back to school tips, freebies, and prizes!

I am a stickler about handwriting and starting early, but I can't stand the folding, peeling, and stickiness of name tags! I've used sharpies for years, but writing their names on the table without lines does not help them with letter placement. This year I used black sharpie to form a headline, midline, and baseline. With silver paint sharpie, I wrote their names. 

What you'll need:

(click to grab)

As teachers we are constantly labeling everything right??? Nothing is worse than obtaining a new classroom after a teacher used the dreaded paper address labels! EEEEEK!!!! We all know the mess that occurs when you try to peel off a basic white paper label right?! This tip is a life saver!!!

(click to grab)
I print off about 20 pages of my students'  names on these amazing CLEAR labels! 
1.) They are super duper sticky (harder for teeny fingers to peel)
2.) They come off in one piece when needed
3.) They last ALL YEAR!
I use them for everything. Books. Folders. Cubbies. Tables. Carpet seats. EVERYTHING! 

For years I fumbled with folders, papers, files, but nothing has ever been simpler! I absolutely love having my emergency contact cards (double sided) with all the emergency information you need on ONE RING! I keep this ring in my emergency bag that goes with us on each trip and/or drill. On this card (found as a freebie below) you have child's name, birthday, address, numbers, pickup, and contacts all in one spot! 
I simply copy the contact forms front to back on cardstock, punch a hole in the corner, and bind the class together with a binder ring! Easy peasy!

What you'll need:
(click to grab)

Once again, make sure to start at The Primary Pack to collect a letter at each blog that will turn into a secret message to enter into the rafflecopter at the end of the hop! 

(for a freebie of my emergency contact ring, please click here)

My giveaway letter is U! 
Be sure to write that down to find the 
SECRET MESSAGE as you hop along! 

Visit the adorable Alisha at Missing Tooth Grins to find the next hop!

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